Qualifying Technical Candidates is Finally Easy

Unless you’re a recruiter who transitioned recently from a hands-on technical position, it’s unlikely you have the background or relevant experience to create a rigorous technical interview agenda. In the old days of IT recruiting, you sourced candidates and filtered resumes for synergies, but left technical vetting largely to the IT department. With the demands IT faces to lead company innovation in today’s fast-paced global marketplace, hiring managers need to reclaim their time with efficiencies like pre-screening IT candidates for technical qualifications prior to reviewing your shortlist.

Fast track your interviewing decisions and optimize your IT recruiting life cycle with modernized technical interviews by eTeki. Follow these six steps to ensure only quality IT candidates make the final interview round.

  1. Create Job

Set the expectation with the hiring manager for improving shortlist quality by highlighting for your interviewer the core skills of the position you are asking to be assessed.

  1. Add Candidate

Set the expectation with candidates about streamlined hiring process with a technical prescreen. Explain to the IT professional their performance dictates whether or not the hiring manager will consider them for the next round of the hiring process. 

  1. Match with Interviewer

Access IT pros with hands-on, relevant field experience and insight into job readiness. 

  1. Live Technical Interview

State of the art technical interview platform and methods focused on candidate experience. Candidates can demonstrate their skills using white-boarding, coding, and screen-sharing tools. 

  1. View Results

Receive quantitative and qualitative data on candidate experience and competencies. Use this expert insight to optimize your shortlist of qualified candidates prior to submission to the hiring manager. 

  1. Share Results

Send only the most qualified candidate(s)’ scores, video, and work samples to hiring managers for next round decisions.