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Aaron McCrary

It’s refreshing to work with individuals like Sam that truly understand the recruitment industry from top to bottom. When I originally reached out Sam and eTeki, I was looking to optimize our recruiting process and to find new and innovative ways to hire the top


Elias Ramos

eTeki gives insights on prospects’ technical skills which helps us streamline the hiring process and make quicker hiring decisions.


Naveen Malhotra

For a software development company like ours, it is never a cake walk when it comes to recruiting a new resource. A lot of time and efforts have to be invested to validate the candidate skills and match them to the technical requirements of the


Tim Sackett

Well worth a look if you are in need of a great technology screening tool and need to move candidates through the process quicker.

Cesar Jimenez

Cesar Jimenez

eTeki gives me the competitive edge I’ve looked for over the last 20 years. After implementing eTeki interviews, my clients see ProSourceIT as full-scale recruiting agency instead of dispensable sourcing shop. The ROI partnering with eTeki tops any investment I’ve ever made for my business.