The Case for Modernized Technical Interviews

Constant growth in IT hiring presents many challenges to employers. The most sought after candidates pick and choose between multiple offers. Hiring managers expect recruiters to shortlist only top notch IT professionals with qualifications matching the job requirements.

As the hiring manager’s talent advisor, you need to be certain the individuals being considered for the position have the necessary technical experience and skills. Online tests are not always reliable indicators of hands-on technical success or even available for emerging technologies.  The internal technical interview process is filled with risks related to scheduling logistics, legal compliance, and business critical projects lagging.

All of these factors combined layout a clear need for modernizing the technical interview. eTeki’s innovative technical interviews-as-a-service platform is designed to help hiring managers, recruiters and other decision-makers get true insight into a candidate’s technical prowess prior to investing a hiring manager’s time reviewing partially qualified resumes, coordinating a resource intensive panel interview, or footing the bill for face-to-face interview travel expenses.

What to Expect

eTeki delivers ‘tech outs’ tailored to your hiring objectives by leveraging a state-of-the-art technical interview platform. The platform includes screening customization options, flexible scheduling tools, two-way video recording, and a collaborative work sample environment.

Our expertTeki interviewers consists of thousands of techies employed within virtually every IT specialization today’s tech-driven, global marketplace relies on. These eTeki team members with relevant field experience in your hottest roles are eager to work on your interviewing assignment.

Along the way, hiring companies can expect to improve quality of hiring, decrease time-to-hire, lessen bias, project a technically sophisticated brand, and respond quicker to candidates on next round decisions. Through our consultative approach, we’ll optimize your technical screening round and boost Return on Interview for all stakeholders in the process.