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Where the World Goes to Qualify Tech Talent

When your company needs to scale up hiring, leverage eTeki’s marketplace of IT professionals for first-round interviews and keep your internal team focused on revenue-generating products and projects.

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When time-to-hire is of the essence, get technical interviews automatically scheduled globally by eTeki’s platform and trust our Product Support Team to manage candidate exceptions so your time-to-fill decreases.

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When quality hires matter, trust interview experts at eTeki with experience in your tech stack and the role your company needs to hire to lead remote, comprehensive technical screens with or without live work samples like coding.

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When your employer brand matters, calibrate internal hiring rounds with eTeki’s 360𝆩 rated interview experts and observe first-hand the comments shared by candidates who appreciate talking to a peer with relevant tech experience.

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How it Works for Companies

IT professionals, trained and certified as Tech Interview Experts (TechIEs), lead technical interviews for you and provide insight on specific competencies and depth of experience. Since we do the heavy-lifting of first round technical interviews, your tech team remains focused on revenue facing products and services.



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Best Practices of Implementing eTeki Interviews for Companies

Where the World Goes to Qualify Tech Talent


Ensure internally sourced candidates and staffing partner shortlists get interviewed consistently

No more resume reviews by hiring managers draining valuable time away from overseeing projects and managing stakeholder expectations.Significantly reduce tech panelist lags in productivity and morale due to wasted time on candidates lacking core technical skills and qualifications.


Set the interview scope and standards in a workshop format with all technical interview stakeholders

Create consistent evaluation standards by determining what gets assessed at which stage of the recruiting cycle and avoiding misunderstandings that often complicate the hiring process. Normalizing rubrics across internal and external parties creates a candidate-first experience.


Automate logistics when feasible and retain a human-oriented approach to determining suitability for critical IT roles

Blend automated workflows and human touch points to accommodate the busy lives of top technical talent in today’s global, hybrid world. Bundling high-touch user support, the technical interview platform, and expert interviewers into one tool gets better hiring results.


Tap into a human cloud of technical interviews to scale real-time interviews for high-value candidates

Validate tech skills with a peer-to-peer interview experience that augments bandwidth and/or expertise gaps in your company. Using remote interviewing assures delivery of high-touch, 24/7 technical interviews while keeping the quality bar up for hybrid, remote and on-site IT roles.


Track outcomes to meet company goals for improved recruiting metrics and increased DEI in hiring

Predict the best hire using the scientifically validated project-oriented interview and get the highest ROI. Leveraging this methodology creates context to understand the unique talents someone will bring to your company and leaves space for demonstrating technical concept mastery, analytical skills and coding.

Frequently Asked Questions

eTeki interviewers undergo a tedious process of screening before they are allowed to take interviews. Look for trained interviewers with an orange badge and a certified interviewer with a blue badge. Certified interviewers have sat with a technical panelist or peer review community member for their own technical interview.

Your candidate and the interviewer’s availability determines the speed of delivery. The majority of interviews on eTeki are scheduled and completed between 8 and 24 hours.

Deliverables for all technical interviews include a comprehensive report and a recording of the technical interview. A work sample collected during the interview may also be included depending on the scope of the screening job and the role being screened.

No. Like other marketplaces, freelance interviewers conduct their work on eTeki’s platform to assure compliance with GDPR, stay within the confines of our quality control program, and maintain protection from candidate no-shows significantly affecting their earnings.

Yes, eTeki follows industry standards for data security and privacy. Our full privacy policy can be viewed on our website.

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