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Recruiter FAQ

Technical & eTeki Application:

You are not required to download any software; simply login to eTeki using your username and password to participate in a live interview. Alternatively, click on the link within your interview email reminder from eTeki to join the session.

Test your Microphone and Webcam in any of the supported browsers from the same devices and internet connection you will use for your interview. Customer support may ask for additional connectivity tests prior to the interview.

We are in the process of integrating with the most popular ATS providers. All customers will receive updates as new integrations become available.

If you have a technical issue, please reach out to Customer Support and they will assist you in troubleshooting the issue.

You must create an account and verify your email address before logging into eTeki. Once your email address has been verified, you should be able to sign in. If you are still having trouble, check your username and/or password. Also, eTeki undergoes scheduled maintenance updates from time to time. Find out if you are visiting the site during one of these maintenance windows.

If you have multiple interview assignments, please submit them one at a time. After completing one request, click the “Save and Post New Job” button to proceed with the next request. In the future, you will be able to seamlessly move job requisitions and candidate details into eTeki through integration with your ATS.

Congratulations! You took the first big step toward becoming a part of eTeki. You will receive a verification message at your registered email address. Click the link in the email to activate your account and set-up a password to complete the registration process. We’ll have you connected to the platform in no time.

Check your browser settings and make sure that you have both Java and JavaScript enabled. We only accept files with a .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, or .odt extension (maximum file size of 5MB).
For uploading your profile image our system is compatible with jpg, jpeg, png (with file size limit of 5MB). To upload a Video Bio use mp4, avi, mkv, ogg, mpeg, flv (with file size limit to 25MB) and for an audio Bio upload use mp3, wav, wmv, ogg (with file size limit to 10MB). If you’re working with a different type of file, you will need to change the format to proceed.

Create a recruiter account in eTeki. Share your job description and the candidate details. The eTeki team will take care of the rest. We’ll keep you up-to-date on status of the interview assignment including the date/time and interviewer selected. Upon completion of the assessment, a comprehensive report, along with the video archive, is accessible from your password protected account.

Recruiters Job Management:

Our support representatives are happy to help you make changes to your previously submitted requests. Please contact our dedicated support center for assistance.

Customer Support:

We currently have live technical support available Monday through Friday from 9am – 6pm EST.

If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed here, we are happy to help you directly. Our dedicated support center can be reached by phone, website chat or email.

Customer Support:

eTeki is not a staffing company and does not help with sourcing candidates. We help organizations hire the best IT talent by assisting recruiters with pinpointing qualified IT job candidates through expert technical interviewing services.

eTeki’s technical advisory panel follows a three step process which includes validating and verifying the information provided by freelancers, confirming mastery eTeki standardized interview methodology, and conducting a mock interview with one of our board members before receiving their certified interviewer status from eTeki.

We have fixed price packages for technical interviewing services conducted by an eTeki interviewing professional. If you have an interest in using eTeki audio and/or video functions for your own digital interviewing needs, please contact our sales department for a quote based on your anticipated volume.

eTeki provides training to all interviewers on using a common structured interviewing methodology. Our platform facilitates communication between the recruiter and interviewer regarding specific interview assignments. The job requisition and candidate resumes provided by the recruiter determine the approach utilized for each technical screen and the feedback provided in each interview report.

We guarantee the best service. If for any reason you are unsatisfied please contact our dedicated support center and we will gladly discuss a resolution.

eTeki’s Candidate Skills Scorecard can be used as one of the tools in the decision-making process. The interviewer interviews the candidate, assesses the candidate’s technical skills, and prepares and submits the CSS report based on the candidate’s representations and demonstrated technical skills. This Scorecard is only to be used as feedback provided to the decision makers regarding interviewed candidates. eTeki is not an employment company or an employment agency of any kind. Moreover, eTeki is not a joint employer of any kind, and has no employment relationship with the interviewers, clients, and/or candidates.

Interview assignments can be rescheduled, without charge, given the candidate or recruiter notifies eTeki no later than one (1) hour prior to the start time. Notifications to cancel past the one (1) hour prior timeframe will be communicated to the interviewer, but are not eligible for complimentary rescheduling.

eTeki records the video and audio of the exchange between your candidate and our technical interviewer.

Payments & Plans:

Our pricing and online checkout is under construction. Please contact our sales department at 813-513-7722 or for customized pricing.

You can access the recorded video for 12 months from date of the interview without any additional charges. Storage beyond this 12 month time period can be secured at an additional cost. To get a quote on extended storage, please contact our sales department.

We currently follow the “pay as you go” model of pricing which does not have a subscription fee

eTeki compensates the interviewer out of the fees paid per interview assignment. You are not responsible for any additional payment to the freelancer.

We value our interviewer’s time and he/she will be paid for the time and efforts put in for the interview even if the candidate doesn’t show up.


We do have an affiliate/referral reward program for introductions to clients and interviewers. Please contact the sales department for more information.