April 16, 2019 – In a world where subreddits like recruitinghell exist and memes poking fun at tense relationships between tech recruiters and professionals abound, eTeki’s excited to introduce a TwitterChat which gives the staffing & recruiting industry unfettered access to ask tech pros burning questions related to hiring (finding, contacting, communicating, screening, interviewing, navigating offers, onboarding etc.).

It willl start on the 4th Thursday of the month on Twitter and feature one technical subject matter expert (SME). These SMEs are Tech Interview Experts (TechIEs) who screen IT candidates on behalf of eTeki’s recruiter clients as-a-side-gig while working full-time at top tech companies across the globe. The TechIE will take over @eTeki_Inc’s handle and answer rapid-fire questions for 30 minutes, as well as share about topics like:

  • Physical and digital events to find your target candidates.
  • Knock-out question(s) appropriate for specific roles and/or technologies.
  • Thoughts on when to use computer-based vs. interactive assessments.

All TechIEs taking questions from the industry will remain anonymous, but their role and stack circulated in advance. The first TechIETalks will be hosted by a Sr. Software Engineer on April 25th from 1:30-2:00PM EST. The stack of this TechIE includes: Spring, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Hibernate, Twitter Bootstrap, JSP, Java Servlets Development, JavaScript Libraries, JMS, Android App Development, Python, MicroServices, Google Go, Core Java, Salesforce, Salesforce Apex, Salesforce App Development, Core Java, Salesforce Lightning.

If you’re looking for insight from technical people, join us to participate or let us know your special role/topics requests here.

eTeki featured in the Business Observer discusses how companies acquire technical debt when they don’t fill their IT roles quickly with qualified candidates. eTeki also shares how technical interviewers who speak the same language as hiring managers can screen IT talent and provide insight into candidates who are best qualified for their roles. Read more

How third-party technical interviews are a great way to ensure you don’t take a candidate’s resume at face value, but rather hire them for what they actually know. Read more

eTeki is excited to present on May 18th in Florida Venture Forum’s 2018 Early Stage Capital Conference which features some of Florida’s fastest-growing private companies. eTeki will also be onsite to share how to Separate the Pretenders from the Contenders™ with investors.

eTeki is excited and proud to be chosen as one of Tampa Bay Wave’s Inaugural TechDiversity Accelerator which fosters the growth of diverse startups in central Florida and across the country. TechDiversity Accelerator is sponsored by the Nielson Foundation. Read more

On May 16 th -17 th , eTeki is participating in StaffingTec conference which is designed to drive growth
through new staffing technology solutions and innovation. eTeki will share knowledge and expertise
through spotlights, panel discussions and roundtables.

August 3-4, 2017 – eTeki joins HR leaders and HR tech partners in Guragon for TechHR, Asia’s largest HR Technology conference. Attendees, speakers, and other exhibitors are welcomed to stop by booth 11 in the People Matters Spotlight Zone for advance access to our new corporate video highlighting real eTeki interviews conducted by subject matter experts via the first digital screening platform designed exclusively for tech outs. IT candidates depend on recruiters to represent them to hiring managers. Hiring managers rely on recruiters to vet candidate eligibility. Recruiters trust eTeki to separate the contenders from the pretenders as the final screening step before submittal to hiring managers.

Dice quotes eTeki CEO on the role of social media when technical recruiters screen candidates. Learn More

Jan 16th 2017: People Matters writes how eTeki’s on-demand talent screening solution can help generate better ROI and cut down on bad hires. Read More

Are Solution Stacks in Your Future? A conversation with Amanda Cole, Director of Operations at eTeki. Learn More 

Sam Velu, eTeki Advisory Board Member, presented at TechServe Alliance 2016.

Topic: Trust But Verify: Proven Tactics for Vetting Candidates in a Fast-Paced High-Demand Market

You found what appears to be the perfect candidate in terms of skill set, experience and expected pay rate—or so it seems. Does the candidate you are getting ready to present to your client have the background represented on his or her resume? Will they embarrass you during the client interview? Given the increasing pressure to recruit quickly, how can you adequately vet candidates? During this interactive discussion, hear from owners and executives who have put systems in place to minimize the likelihood an unqualified candidate gets through the screening process. The panel will share solutions they have developed which include partnering with clients and improving the application process for both sub-vendors and H-1B candidates.

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, November 2, 2016, eTeki, Inc., an award-winning technical interviewing marketplace, headquartered in Tampa, FL expands technical interviewing services to serve the screening needs of technical recruiters and hiring managers throughout India. The eTeki operations and development center, located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, currently provides clients with a concierge approach to selecting from and scheduling with more than 1,200 technical interviewers, representing 45+ countries – spanning over 5,000 technologies and technical skills.

“I founded eTeki to help hiring managers, IT recruiters, HR and decision-makers get true insight into a candidate’s technical prowess prior to a face-to-face interview,” said Bala Nemani. “Traditional technical screening gauges competencies, however, eTeki gathers data on candidate experience and competencies simultaneously leveraging a human factor – the eTeki interviewer.” This approach to IT assessment increases candidate satisfaction, provides both quantitative and qualitative data, shortens time-to-fill, increases the quality of hires, and significantly reduces risk associated with traditional approaches to tech interviews.

Our clients augment their internal capacity and expertise to screen top tech candidates and make informed hiring decisions based on structured technical interviews and expert feedback delivered to the recruiter and/or hiring manager in 24 hours or less. Quality and speed of the technical interviews at a scalable level requires a lot of talent, and we’re proud to have a network of freelance interviewers with expertise in virtually every stack.

Recent companies who have benefitted from using eTeki’s services include:

AbsoluteData, ScaleneWorks, NPD Global, Convene Technologies, Bizintex, LessPercent, Amzur Technologies and Khameleon Software.

About eTeki

eTeki provides on-demand technical interviews as a service helping hiring managers and recruiters make fast, informed hiring decisions by leveraging top technical interviewers with expertise in virtually every stack. Clients submit their interview assignments and receive expert feedback on technical skill readiness of IT job candidates in just 24 hours or less www.eTeki.com.

Please get in touch to get started with a free trial of eTeki technical interviewing services.


Imran Baig, Head of Marketing & Delivery
9-29-22,2nd Floor,Pioneer Sankar Shantiniketan,
Balaji Nagar,Siripuram, Visakhapatnam, India
+91-8885182621, ibaig@eteki.com

Tampa, FL , September 20, 2016- eTeki, Inc, an early stage HR Tech company was awarded a Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (ReSI) winner. eTeki accepted the award for TAtech’s 2016 ReSI Award for Innovator of the Year – Employment Site Partner at the awards ceremony held in Las Vegas, Nevada last night. Read More.

Date: September 15, 2016

Tampa, Florida  – eTeki, Inc., an innovative new on-demand technical interviewing solution, has now topped 1,000 registered freelance interviewers just as they are recognized as a finalist for the prestigious ReSI awards. Started by Bala Nemani, a successful IT solutions and staffing executive, the marketplace leverages the expertise of IT professionals to rapidly screen candidates for technical job roles at companies without the time, expertise, or headcount to efficiently conduct thorough technical interviews.

To date, more than 1,200 freelance technical experts have joined eTeki to conduct expert technical interviews on-demand for hiring managers and technical recruiters looking to improve quality and speed of hiring. These expert interviewers represent IT professionals from over 40 countries and have an average of 13 years of experience in excess of 5,000 technological skills. Their on-demand availability provides clients an average turnaround time of just 24 hours to receive a scorecard of their candidate’s technical skills.

As an early stage HR tech startup, eTeki is expanding its reach to serve clients through strategic alliances with other HR tech solutions which also improve quality and speed of hiring for talent acquisition professionals. eTeki approaches service to clients also from a partner-oriented perspective, and the company is being recognized by industry association – TAtech – in Las Vegas, NV on September 20th. “Being a nominee for the 2016 Recruiting Service Innovation Awards in three categories is a sincere honor for our team. Learning we are a finalist in both the ‘Most Innovative Cloud Based Solution’ and ‘Innovator of the Year / Employment Site Partner’ categories speaks to the pride we have in taking care of clients and their candidates, as well as freelancers here at eTeki.”, says Bala Nemani, Founder & CEO.

About eTeki:

eTeki provides on-demand technical interviews as a service helping hiring managers and recruiters make fast, informed hiring decisions by leveraging top technical interviewers with expertise in virtually every stack. Clients submit their interview assignments and receive expert feedback on technical skill readiness of IT job candidates in just 24 hours or less. www.eTeki.com


Amanda Cole, Director
405 N Reo Street, Suite # 110 Tampa, FL, 33609
813-414-5416 (office) or 850-590-6908 (mobile)

eTeki is being noticed by the talent acquisition industry and has been nominated for the 2016 Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (ReSIs). Please cast your vote for eTeki in the following categories – ‘Most Innovative Cloud Based Solution’, ‘Most Innovative Enterprise Solution’ and ‘Innovator of the Year/Employment Site Partner’. Vote Here

Dr. Michael Moon, HR Tech Influencer, has featured eTeki as a platform which helps to connect technical talent to hiring managers and recruiters with confidence. Read More

eTeki has been listed on “HR Technologies to Watch – Q3, 2016″ by HR Tech Influencer – William Tincup”. Read more

June 7th, 2016: Evan Herman, HRTechAdvisor writes about how eTeki’s on-demand talent screening solution can help generate better ROI and cut down on bad hires. Read more

eTeki seeks to accelerate market adoption through a strategic investment partner at HR Tech Tank in NYC on May 19, 2016. Interested investors should call 813-513-7722 ext. 6003 for a copy of the deck. Read more

February 16, 2016: David Creelman, CEO of Creelman Research writes about eTeki’s On-demand talent screening solution and how eTeki can help screen IT talent to help pinpoint the right candidate for the job. Read more

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