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Global Hybrid & Remote Interviewing

Our expert tech interviewers are available 24/7 around the globe to qualify your IT talent

Scalable Interviewing for Any IT Role

Our interviewers have experience across a vast range of enterprise and emerging technologies. These tech professionals include established architects, consultants, engineers, analysts and more.


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Hybrid Tech Interview Rounds Solve Today’s Remote Work Hiring Scalability Challenges

Interview expertise can be outsourced to free up internal IT resources from the burdens of multi-round intensive interviews. Accelerate your hiring of the right talent with a trusted peer to peer interview solution.

Align Your Interviews with Role & Stack Matches

In today’s remote work environment, a person with experience in your tech stack who’s familiar with the roles and responsibilities is a necessity. eTeki provides expert interviewers globally to augment your interview process while keeping this need at the forefront because tech people easily see through pretenders.


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