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We’ll Pay Cash For Technical Screening Conversations

Your IT expertise can fast-track people to their next job

Wait, you want to pay me to talk?

Yes, you read that right. We let experts like you lead the conversation. As a subject matter expert and hands-on practitioner, you know better than anyone what it takes to pinpoint another successful IT hire.

Freelance Interview
Freelance Interview

At eTeki, we help hiring teams pre-screen technical talent with human-led technical interviewing. No hiding behind online code challenges here.

Here’s How These Conversations Work

Create Your Interviewer Profile

Show us your skills with a detailed freelancer profile.

Interviews In Your Inbox

We’ll assign interviews when they best fit your schedule.

Conduct Live Interviews and Tell Us What You Think

Watch, listen, assess. Then, tell us what you think.

Get Paid

No waiting game. Our streamlined system automatically pays out upon report completion.

Earn Your Simple, Second Income

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