eTeki Rating

eTeki gives me the competitive edge I’ve looked for over the last 20 years. After implementing eTeki interviews, my clients see ProSourceIT as full scale recruiting agency instead of dispensable sourcing shop. The ROI partnering with eTeki tops any investment I’ve ever made for my business.

– Cesar Jimenez, Managing Partner – ProSourceIT

eTeki Rating

“Well worth a look if you are in need of a great technology screening tool and need to move candidates through the process quicker.”

– Tim Sackett, President at HRU Technical Resources

eTeki Rating

Hiring is one of the most integral part of a start-up. eTeki has helped me by interviewing candidates for my firm. They have been very helpful in understanding the requirements of a start-up organization. Kudos to the entire team.

-Ayush Jain, Partner, Frogsplash Technology LLP

eTeki Rating

“ The e-Teki platform has enormous potential… ”

– Dr. Michael Moon, CEO & Principal Analyst at ExcelHRate

eTeki Rating

Our Clients hire only the best, and they expect us to deliver the best. eTeki helped us to meet that expectation without sacrificing quality for speed.

– Karthik Viswanathan, CEO of Convene Technologies 

eTeki Rating

eTeki is well positioned to address a few of the most notable problems and shortcomings in talent acquisition for highly skilled technical professionals.

– Evan Herman, Sourcing & Recruiting Officer

eTeki Rating

eTeki, an HR Technologies to Watch – Q3, 2016

– William Tincup, President at Recruiting Daily

eTeki Rating

It’s interesting that in even a narrow domain (interviewing for technical skills) a talent platform has sprung up to address a nagging problem.

– David Creelman, HR Tech Blogger

eTeki Rating

“The eTeki team did a great job in tailoring the technical interview to our hiring manager’s screening needs. The interview reports and recording of the interview gave us confidence in deciding which candidate was best suited for the role. Our client ended up hiring our MongoDB Engineer and we know that a big part of their decision was based on our candidate’s strong eTeki score. eTeki is a valuable tool in my screening process and I will definitely use their independent and interactive tech screening services again.”

-Jon Chintanaroad, Managing Director, Aspire Recruiting

eTeki Rating

We tried eTeki and found the convenience and consistency of eTeki technical skills screening beats our prior IT assessment in both candidate experience and depth of insight within the report. Their interactive and independent approach to pre-qualifying technical skills works!

– Amy Bates, Recruitment Manager, Amitech Solutions
eTeki Rating

eTeki’s video interview report gave me and my team an on-demand, front row seat to the interview and an opportunity to listen actively to the candidate’s technical acumen. The eTeki team did a really good job providing me with confidence about the IT competencies and experience of the professional we hired.

-Bob Fox, Technical Manager, Sunspec Alliance
eTeki Rating
“For a software development company like ours, it is never a cake walk when it comes to recruiting a new resource. A lot of time and efforts have to be invested to validate the candidate skills and match them to the technical requirements of the project. By including eTeki in our recruitment cycle we not only cut down our invested time and efforts but have also multiplied the quality of hires!”
Naveen Malhotra, Resource Manager, Iris Software

Find the Best Candidate

We help you hire expert IT interviewers to assess your candidate’s tech competency and experience. You’ll receive an in-depth report on each candidate including skill level assessment scores, code snippets, and a recording of the live interview. You’re busy — and sometimes your hiring managers will lack the technical knowledge to assess candidates. Partner with us and see dramatic gains in quality-of-hire and reduced time-to-hire.

Here’s why more businesses are turning to eTeki:

Get the Best People Fast

Hiring processes are often rooted in speed — but rushed, uninformed hiring decisions lead to costly mistakes. We help you sort pretenders from contenders and fast-track the candidates you need to be speaking with.

Take Back Your Time

Interview fatigue and coordination of schedules hamper IT team morale and productivity. Business-critical projects suffer. We remove the tactical pains and free your team to focus on project deadlines.

Save Your Money

Interviewing unqualified IT candidates is a cost drain. Our interviews-as-a-service approach brings a savings of 90% to most of our clients.

Are you ready to fast-track your hiring process?