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eTeki – The leading Digital Transformation Company in India-2022

eTeki: Transforming the Future of Work at Scale

We are glad and honored to be featured in InsightScuccess as The leading Digital Transformation Company in India-2022.

Insight Success Magazine recognized eTeki as a leading solution that has transformed how India and the rest of the world hire IT, teams. eTeki already had a pulse on the business drivers and satisfaction factors associated with decoupling the expensive, yet essential, the human-centric step of the hiring process.

As a result, demand for skilled technical resources rose to an all-time high, and inefficiencies in recruiting, especially in interviewing, created a backlog that no corporate department could handle alone. Behind closed doors, companies began to question their internal technical interviewing capabilities, recognizing that the gains expected from the future of work may not be realized without a viable, trusted solution.

Digital Version

Guiding Words of Wisdom

“For the leaders embarking on a digital transformation, I advise you to get clarity and drive conviction. Find your mission’s North Star and make sure everyone knows how to get there. And then go ahead and keep going until you reach your goal knowing that it’s a marathon, never a sprint to success. In a world that’s increasingly regularly disrupted, today demands action, now.”


eTeki’s where the world goes to qualify talent. Our award winning technical interviews-as-a-service platform enables organizations across the globe hire the best tech talent, fast. eTeki disrupts the way IT candidates are hired by giving any company the ability to screen large numbers of tech talent quickly. Unlike conventional video interviewing tools available today, eTeki is powered by a network of trained and certified IT specialists offering services to assess each candidate’s technical skills in real time. Our network of over 6000+ expert interviewers have expertise in every stack and provide an unbiased assessment of technical skills and behavioral fit, with an extensive candidate report and video in 24 hours or less. Full and self service options are available. eTeki helps organizations save money, reduce bad hires, and hire the best talent for the job. eTeki’s leadership team has over 100 years combined experience with marketplaces, tech screening and hiring. Our mission is to supply the world with interviews-as-a-service to scale and optimize technical hiring.