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Benefits of Outsourcing Interviews in Technical Hiring Podcast | WORK ON DEMAND

Benefits of Outsourcing Interviews in Technical Hiring Podcast | WORK ON DEMAND

Do you recruit IT professionals? Are you responsible for critical IT projects? Ever wish for a better way to validate the candidates’ technical competence before wasting significant company resources? If that sounds like you, this episode is for you, where Amanda and Hans from eTeki, join  Paul Estes‘ Work-On-Demand podcast.

Listen to this podcast to learn how outsourcing interviews can help you streamline your technical hiring process and make informed decisions about potential technical hires for your company.

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eTeki’s where the world goes to qualify talent. Our award winning technical interviews-as-a-service platform enables organizations across the globe hire the best tech talent, fast. eTeki disrupts the way IT candidates are hired by giving any company the ability to screen large numbers of tech talent quickly. Unlike conventional video interviewing tools available today, eTeki is powered by a network of trained and certified IT specialists offering services to assess each candidate’s technical skills in real time. Our network of over 7500+ expert interviewers have expertise in every stack and provide an unbiased assessment of technical skills and behavioral fit, with an extensive candidate report and video in 24 hours or less. Full and self service options are available. eTeki helps organizations save money, reduce bad hires, and hire the best talent for the job. eTeki’s leadership team has over 100 years combined experience with marketplaces, tech screening and hiring. Our mission is to supply the world with interviews-as-a-service to scale and optimize technical hiring.