eTeki transforms the way technical interviews are done.

Interviews-as-a-service, including work samples, all in one platform


Gaps in Expertise

Trust insight on candidate strengths and weaknesses directly from hands-on IT professionals with relevant stack experience.

Avoid Bad Hires

Confirm technical competency and experience earlier in the recruiting life cycle to avoid costly hiring mismatches.

Volume Hiring Needs

Embrace high-volume recruiting projects with confidence all stakeholders will be pleased with the screening process.

The Problem

Hiring can be a fraught process even if technical expertise isn’t required for a role, but when it is, the entire timeline becomes more complex. Hiring managers want a short list of the best candidates — and fast.

But how do you know if they have the skills to do the job? How do you coordinate multiple interviews involving your current team without dropping the ball on project deadlines? And how do you do all this within the right time frame?


Improve ROI

Boost return on interview by submitting pre-qualified candidates to hiring managers and hear them applaud.

Increase Diversity & Inclusion

Remove internal bias with independent, predictive ‘tech outs’ and reports with a common scoring rubric.

Gain Competitive Edge

Impress hiring managers and your colleagues by shortlisting the right professionals every time.

The Solution

eTeki’s innovative technical interviews-as-a-service platform is designed to help hiring managers, recruiters and other decision-makers get true insight into a candidate’s technical prowess prior to investing a hiring manager’s time reviewing partially qualified resumes, coordinating a resource intensive panel interview, or footing the bill for face-to-face interview travel expenses.

Are you ready to fast-track your hiring process?