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Outsource Tech Interviews To Support Diversity And Inclusion

Remove internal interview bias with eTeki’s inclusive live technical interviews. Compare candidates based on fair and consistent interview scorecards.

Add New Viewpoints to Your IT Team

Independent third-party interviewers bring all of the technical depth and none of their biases when evaluating a candidate. eTeki interviewers don’t have a vested interest in any candidate beyond their technical competency and experience.


Personalized and Inclusive Technical Interviews

eTeki’s interview experts are trained in technical interviewing best practices to evaluate candidates fairly. Conversations are based on consistent topics and scored on common rating scales to avoid standardized testing bias.

Consistent Quality and Candidate Experience

Our expert interviewers provide consistent interview quality and a positive and impartial candidate experience. Their performance evaluation is solely based on their ability to identify technically qualified candidates.


Courtesy and Respect of Live Conversations

Bet on the fact that contingent workers have choices and question bank driven tests aren’t going to cut the muster. These candidates deserve the courtesy and respect of a fluid, personalized conversation led by a peer.

Never Lose A Candidate Because of Scheduling

Our expert interviewers are available globally 24/7, whenever your candidate is available. Interviews can often be scheduled within 24 hours. Avoid delays in hiring and losing candidates due to scheduling issues.


Increase diversity, equity and inclusion with independent third-party interview on eTeki. Choose the service level that works for your company

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