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Recession, What Recession? – Techserve Webinar 2022

Strategies for Being a Recession Proof Talent Supplier

Over the next 5 years, an additional 150 million IT workers globally will join the 60 million already employed at companies and industries spanning every continent, domain, and industry.  Will your company be a readymade staffing and/or solutions partner to supply the talent we know will be in demand?  

eTeki presents Recession, What Recession? a webinar for talent intermediaries globally to discuss strategies for being a recession proof supplier of talent such as:

  • Analyzing the tech hiring landscape without bias, 
  • Recognize the silver linings around the great rehire, and 
  • Pipelining candidates who align with enterprise digital transformation initiatives.

The digital event is being hosted by TechServe Alliance – a premier professional association driving the success of IT & Engineering staffing and solutions companies. 

Join Hans Bukow, David Kendrick Amsden, and Denver Brown for an 60 minute virtual event held on Tuesday, October 25th at 12:30PM EDT/4:30PM GMT/10:00 IST. 

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