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eTeki Gives Tech Interview Panel Services at No Cost to Support Ukrainian Tech Hires

eTeki Gives Tech Interview Panel Services at No Cost to Support Ukrainian Tech Hires
Candidates Interviewed Virtually for Remote & Hybrid IT Roles

March 17, 2022 – The people of Ukraine, regardless of their refugee status, crucially need financial stability given the hardship the current war puts them in. Companies who commit to hiring Ukrainian citizens to join their teams who create technical products and offer technical services can now count on eTeki to provide free technical interviews of these candidates. 

eTeki, the globe’s only technical interview marketplace, will match expert interview panelists on a role/stack basis, manage scheduling logistics, and host deep dive technical conversations on behalf of hiring teams at no cost. This initiative will ease the bottlenecks of internal interview panel bandwidth, one potential obstacle the tech industry may face when delivering on their promise to Ukraine.  

At eTeki, we love connecting with our customers and are inspired to tend our support to the tech community. If you are hiring from Ukraine we are here to support you with a hassle free experience and ask for staffing company leaders, technology department heads, and talent acquisition or human resource department executives to email us at to find out how to get started.


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