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eTeki’s CEO Hosts Expert Panel on Balancing Automation and Humanity in Global Recruiting

Panel of thought leaders takes place Monday, January 24th, at the virtual World Staffing Summit

Hans Bukow, CEO and co-founder of eTeki, will be leading an expert panel at this year’s global World Staffing Summit event, taking place virtually from January 24-28. 

This year’s World Staffing Summit is the largest virtual gathering for staffing leaders, featuring over 150 industry thought leaders speaking about the latest topics in staffing. Over 10,000 staffing owners and operators will be attending, and there will be plenty of 1:1 networking opportunities, speaker Q&A sessions, and interactive roundtables to encourage collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Hans’ panel will be on the topic of Balancing Automation and Humanity in Global Recruiting, which is top of mind for many leaders in today’s digital world. Given the increased use of automation and AI in recruiting and staffing, it’s clear that we need to find a way to maintain the human connection. Hans will lead a panel of thought leaders to discuss topics around technology and its effect on candidate experience, brand reputation, and determining candidate fit.

Panelist Steve Levy, Manager Technical Recruiting at Zip Co., is a former software engineer but notes that technology is not the solution to every problem. He is seeing pushback against too much automation by candidates, which has been accelerated by the global pandemic and is likely to continue, and we need to remember that “tools don’t recruit, people do”. 

Adam Lombardi, Sr. Director Delivery Transformation at Kforce and another panelist, believes that candidates today have all the options in the world. According to Adam, the way to build candidate trust is to interject automation and technology into the process together with building relationships and being truthful along the way. 

Additional panelists include Jamie Herbert, VP of Finance & Operations at Capstone, and Denver Brown, VP Global Client Solutions at Manpower.

The panel will take place on Monday, January 24th, from 4:30-5:30pm EST. Registration is free at