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Payment Policy

1.     Engagement Type Overview:

eTeki offers Managed Services and Self-Serve plans.

a. Managed Services – enterprise plans are detailed on an “Authorization to Engage”  and include specific pricing terms applicable to the account. The promotions, terms and rates may vary.

i. Subscription – A 12-month contract to purchase a minimum quantity of technical interview credits each month which must all be used during the term. Payment of the first month’s subscription is due before interviews can start.  Any credits used over the minimum will be debited with the next month’s monthly minimum.

ii. Bulk – A single purchase of ten or more technical interview credits to be used within a 12-month term. A credit card purchase must be made in advance to secure Sellers and screen Candidates on your behalf.  A purchase order along with an ACH payment according to agreed upon net terms may be arranged alternatively.

b. Self-Serve Marketplace  – Individual technical interview purchases require a credit card. Buyers authorize an Interview Service Fee and the Seller’s Interview Rate when each interview is scheduled. The transaction will be settled 72 hours past the completion of the interview. Applicable fees for late cancellations and no shows will apply and be automatically settled within 48 hours.

2. Incomplete Interviews:

Reliability of Sellers requires remuneration for the time reserved to meet with Candidates. Should an issue from the Candidate which prevents the interview from convening the following applies. See Exhibit A for an overview to go along with the following.

a. Courtesy Rescheduling Window: Notification 60 minutes prior to the interview scheduled interview start time provides Candidates and Recruiters an opportunity to cancel or reschedule the interview at no charge.

b. Missed Interview: No show of a Candidate to an interview or cancellations beyond the courtesy rescheduling window, will be charged the following:

i. Managed Services – 25% fee of the flat fee paid per interview credit.

ii. Self-Serve – 50% of the Interview Service Fee and the Seller Interview Rate

c. Verified Technical Difficulty: No fees/partial credit is due for any interview delayed, rescheduled, or cancelled as a result of technical difficulty documented by Company based on Candidate cooperation with basic troubleshooting. Repeated technical failures from the candidate’s side, without the candidate’s assistance, in resolving the problem, will be treated as a Missed Interview.

3. Delivery Timing:

a. Managed Services: Company strives to assist Client and Seller in conducting the full interview cycle within 24 hours or by the due date defined by the Client, however, technical interviews must be scheduled in accordance with Candidate and Interviewer availability.  The Platform requires complete job and candidate details for the cycle to begin. Delays caused by lack of Candidate response to scheduling inquiries automatically extend the time necessary for providing deliverables. Anticipated delays to the delivery time frame are communicated to the Client immediately in real-time.

b. Self-Serve: Sellers control their available time slots using their eTeki calendar. Clients should choose a Seller with common availability as their Candidate to be interviewed within a time frame which meets their deadline.

4. Deliverables.

All technical interviews include a report and an archive (video/audio or audio) of the technical interview. The following platform features provide Clients with the ability to make the deliverables presentation ready.

a. Clarify: Clients who have an issue with a report provided by a Seller are asked to use the Clarify option within 72 hours of receipt to get questions resolved by their Seller.

b. Trim: From time to time the archived interviews may need modification to reduce the length of the recording. One complimentary trim is provided by Company to Client for each interview.

c. Escalate: Should report modifications such as clarify and trim not address a Client’s issue, an Escalation may be used to notify the Company of a need to perform a detailed review.

d. Refunds: Deliverables which cannot be used despite clarify, trim, or escalate features being used may qualify on a case-by-case basis for replacement credits or refunds. A resolution may take 7-10 days and in some cases the Seller and Interview Service Fee may be treated differently.

5. Subscription Renewals & Credit Balances.

To define a path of mutual success and clear communication subscriptions engagements are subject to the following terms:

a. Auto-Renewals: Account renews automatically for an additional 12-month period using the payment details on file for your account unless the notice period has been served. A notification of the renewal will be provided to the billing email ID and the admin users associated with the account 60 days prior to the renewal date.

b. Rate Increases: If your plan includes a promotional rate, upon renewal the rate may be higher than your initial rate. If any auto-renewal is included in your plan, you will get 60 days notice of such rate increase.

c. Cancellations: On or before 60 days before the date the Client wants to terminate this Agreement, suspend auto-renewals, and/or halt automated payments beyond the original contract terms Client will give notice to the Company by email to Client will state in written notice Client’s desire to terminate this Agreement. For purposes of proof of value, bulk purchase or self-serve  engagements, no written notice is required from the Client to the Company.

d. Credit Balances: In cases where a subscription engagement results in a balance of unused credits upon terminating the contract, any remaining credits become invalid with the closing of the notice period. No other types of client engagements include carry forward credits.

e. Overage Usage: Additional charges will apply if a user from your company exceeds the monthly minimum interview credits negotiated within a subscription. These will be billed with the next invoice.

6. Payment Types

Please refer to your Account page after your initial purchase to confirm your company’s engagement type, next payment date and renewal date. Please note that we may use a third-party payment processor to facilitate your payments.

a. Credit Card Not Present: You acknowledge and agree if you designate a credit card for payment, processing and transaction fees may apply:

i. Subscription Services – eTeki’s authorized to automatically deduct monthly minimum subscription fees and any applicable overages for the initial agreement period and subsequent renewal periods. If a charge to the payment method on your eTeki account is declined, we may make additional attempts (maximum of 3) to process the payment.

ii. Bulk Services – eTeki requires upfront payment and no interview can be delivered without the complete processing of your transaction.

iii. Self-Serve – Marketplace interviews require a credit card authorization at the time of scheduling to include interview service, freelancer, and transaction fees.  Incomplete interviews may require partial payments. See Exhibit A for details. eTeki reserves the right to modify these amounts at any time while staying compliant with credit card regulations.

b. Purchase Order: If your organization prohibits the use of credit cards for online payments, a purchase order which covers your financial obligation must be shared to eTeki in advance of eTeki services being rendered and payments should be made via an electronic transfer within the net terms. This option is presently available for only Bulk and Subscription services at this time.

c. Electronic Funds Transfer: When provided a routing and account number for payment, eTeki is authorized to use the payment information for the initial and subsequent balance. If there are non-sufficient funds, no interview can be delivered until payment is received using an alternate method. We may make additional attempts (maximum of 2) to process the payment and applicable bank fees may apply. This option is presently available for only Bulk and Subscription services at this time.

7. Late Payments.

eTeki reserves the right to charge an additional 20% for overdue invoices. eTeki also reserves the right to purge content and data from eTeki, as allowed by law.

Exhibit A: Missed Interview Fee Schedule


















Managed Services Interviews
Interview Service


Interviewer Fees Interviewer Fee
Early Late Early Late Early Late
Candidate Unresponsive Withdraw NA NA NA NA NA NA
Personal Emergency Reschedule No 50% No 50% No 50%
Work Emergency Reschedule No 50% No 50% No 50%
Took Another Offer Withdraw No 50% No 50% No 50%
Not Interested in Job Withdraw No 50% No 50% No 50%
No Show Company Preference No 50% No 50% No 50%
Acts of Nature Reschedule No No No 50% No 50%
Do Not Consent Video Recruiter Expectations No 50% No 50% No 50%
Interviewer Conflict of Interest No No No No No No
Personal Emergency No No No No No No
Work Emergency No No No No No No
Technical Difficulty No No No No No No
No Show No No No No No No
Unavailable No No No No No No
Scheduling conflict No No No No No No
Recruiter Job filled Withdraw No 50% No Yes No 50%
  Job closed Withdraw No 50% No 50% No 50%
  Candidate Interviewed Outside of eTeki Withdraw No 50% No 50% No 50%
  Job On Hold Withdraw No 50% No 50% No 50%
  Job Closed Without Filling Withdraw No 50% No 50% No 50%
  Error in Adding Candidate Withdraw No 50% No 50% No 50%
eTeki Conflict of Interest Reschedule No No No No No No
  Technical Difficulty Reschedule No No No No No No

eTeki reserves the right to modify the missed interview fee schedule at any time as required to maintain reasonable business operations.