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Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole has more than 15 years experience developing innovative programs staffed by non-traditional workforce’s including freelancers, paid & unpaid interns, boards of directors, special event volunteers, and skill-based volunteer programs. The annual value of services rendered for the largest programs exceeded $18M. She is

Surendra Pepakayala

Surendra Pepakayala

Surendra Pepakayla has over 18 years experience in implementing enterprise, web, cloud and DW/BI solutions, leading teams of 15-100 developers/software engineers, DBAs, architects, and project managers on project/product budgets ranging from $100K to $80M in revenue. He worked for startups, medium sized boutique consulting firms


Bala Nemani

Bala Nemani is an IT solutions and staffing executive with a passion for candidate fit. His quest to rapidly hire the best technical talent for team members at Amzur Technologies and his client’s teams led to the creation of eTeki. Amzur Technologies recently made Inc.