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eTeki Advisory Board Member Sam Velu Speaks on Proven Tactics for Vetting Candidates

Sam Velu, eTeki Advisory Board Member, presented at TechServe Alliance 2016.

Topic: Trust But Verify: Proven Tactics for Vetting Candidates in a Fast-Paced High-Demand Market

You found what appears to be the perfect candidate in terms of skill set, experience, and expected pay rate—or so it seems. Does the candidate you are getting ready to present to your client have the background represented on his or her resume? Will they embarrass you during the client interview? Given the increasing pressure to recruit quickly, how can you adequately vet candidates? During this interactive discussion, hear from owners and executives who have put systems in place to minimize the likelihood an unqualified candidate gets through the screening process. The panel will share solutions they have developed which include partnering with clients and improving the application process for both sub-vendors and H-1B candidates.