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eTeki Tops 1,000 Registered Freelancers and Recognized as Finalist for ReSI Awards

Date: September 15, 2016

Tampa, Florida  – eTeki, Inc., an innovative new on-demand technical interviewing solution, has now topped 1,000 registered freelance interviewers just as they are recognized as a finalist for the prestigious ReSI awards. Started by Bala Nemani, a successful IT solutions and staffing executive, the marketplace leverages the expertise of IT professionals to rapidly screen candidates for technical job roles at companies without the time, expertise, or headcount to efficiently conduct thorough technical interviews.

To date, more than 1,200 freelance technical experts have joined eTeki to conduct expert technical interviews on-demand for hiring managers and technical recruiters looking to improve quality and speed of hiring. These expert interviewers represent IT professionals from over 40 countries and have an average of 13 years of experience in excess of 5,000 technological skills. Their on-demand availability provides clients an average turnaround time of just 24 hours to receive a scorecard of their candidate’s technical skills.

As an early stage HR tech startup, eTeki is expanding its reach to serve clients through strategic alliances with other HR tech solutions which also improve quality and speed of hiring for talent acquisition professionals. eTeki approaches service to clients also from a partner-oriented perspective, and the company is being recognized by industry association – TAtech – in Las Vegas, NV on September 20th. “Being a nominee for the 2016 Recruiting Service Innovation Awards in three categories is a sincere honor for our team. Learning we are a finalist in both the ‘Most Innovative Cloud Based Solution’ and ‘Innovator of the Year / Employment Site Partner’ categories speaks to the pride we have in taking care of clients and their candidates, as well as freelancers here at eTeki.”, says Bala Nemani, Founder & CEO.

About eTeki:

eTeki provides on-demand technical interviews as a service helping hiring managers and recruiters make fast, informed hiring decisions by leveraging top technical interviewers with expertise in virtually every stack. Clients submit their interview assignments and receive expert feedback on technical skill readiness of IT job candidates in just 24 hours or less.


Amanda Cole, Director
405 N Reo Street, Suite # 110 Tampa, FL, 33609
813-414-5416 (office) or 850-590-6908 (mobile)

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